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Why websites are important for businesses

Your business website is like a city. Your marketing campaign makes up the many roads that brings your clients directly to you and what you have to offer them.

If you want the biggest bang for your buck, consider Google, YouTube, or Facebook advertising campaigns. All the traffic you’ve generated from paid ads can be directed back towards your site, where you can control every dimension of the visitor experience, unlike on Facebook business profiles.

One of your marketing goals should be increasing the amount of times your brand is seen per week by potential and current clients. This will increase engagement from your targeted audiences. People positively chatting about your services online will bolster your credibility which will increase overall website traffic. A loyal customer base is important since Google often puts well reviewed businesses in more favorable ranking positions on its search results pages.

Video content is a marketing aspect that you need to focus on. According to a yearly survey given by, in 2024 86% of video marketers say videos have helped them drive up site visitor traffic.

By carefully creating a a well thought out website, tools such as Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) can be utilized to better understand how customers interact with your site. These tools work together to create laser focused data about visitor’s behavior such as which links they click, how long they spend on certain pages, form submission statistics, total video views and more. You can then turn all of this digital data into a revenue powerhouse by doubling down on strategies that work and reducing the lesser performing practices!

Google text advertisements are limited to the following character limits:

FieldMax length
Headline 130 characters
Headline 230 characters
Headline 330 characters
Description 190 characters
Description 290 characters
Path (2)15 characters each

90 characters can be quickly used up in about 15 words. By running your OWN text advertisements on your OWN website, you can fully customize your ad campaign to anything you can imagine.